Winning Enterprise Workshops

Winning Strategy

Winning Strategy is for organizations that either need to grow the strategic thinking capability of their leadership teams or build a strategic plan from the ground up.

With Aim to Win, Your Organization Will

Grow strategically, not relying on opportunism or chance
Ensure long-term success by refining its leadership strategy
Cultivate a team that embraces strategic decision-making so your enterprise can scale

These workshops are for leaders ready to accelerate the skills that will take them and their business to the next level. Participants will learn:

  1. How to understand and harness the trends surrounding them to drive optimal results;
  2. How to best identify and leverage stakeholders (both internally and externally) to develop competitive advantage; and
  3. Tactics to achieve desired goals, including strategic planning, development of actionable metrics that work, and communication.

Winning Execution

Winning Execution is for organizations that need to drive results, accomplish distinct initiatives or realize organizational change.

With Aim to Win, Your Organization Will

Develop leaders who know how to effectively leverage staff, processes and infrastructure to achieve stronger results
Have the tools to make strategy come to fruition
Learn how to drive significant change from within

With these highly-structured sessions, your team will learn:

  1. How to develop a game plan to achieve results within an existing business context;
  2. How to match internal structures and organizational capabilities with execution needs;
  3. How to create action-oriented plans to get results;
  4. How to build and leverage strong relationships within the context of the goal, including how to communicate effectively at all levels;
  5. How to design milestones and metrics; and
  6. How to handle resistance and leverage support to maximize success and minimize risks to execution.

Winning Culture

Winning Culture is for organizations that desire to leverage their culture to maximize business results, or that need to change their culture to match a new strategic direction or leadership.

With Aim to Win, Your Organization Will

Nurture a culture that makes business results a priority, while inspiring employees to perform at their highest capability

Unleash the potential of employees in a way that is authentic to your organization’s mission and values

Drive culture change when business needs require it. For example, when a business is under performing, there’s a turnaround or new leadership

Whether you need to “fix” a negative culture, or make a positive one even stronger, the Winning Culture program helps you create an environment where your stars succeed and one that drives specific behaviors that leads to astonishing results. Your team will:


  1. Analyze the current culture together to ascertain what’s working and what isn’t;
  2. Define a new high-performance culture for the organization; and
  3. Create an action plan to drive movement towards the new culture.

Winning Leadership Succession

Winning Leadership Succession is designed for organizations that need to enhance and accelerate their leadership pipeline.

With Aim to Win, Your Organization Will

Realize and address current and future leadership needs strategically and proactively in anticipation of business growth

Accelerate its leadership pipeline

Learn how to identify exceptional, sometimes hidden, talent within your organization instead of bringing in outside talent, often at high cost and with the risk of losing corporate values that made the company what it is today.

Create an environment where up and comers can reach their potential and take the business to new heights.


How do top-performing companies identify and develop their future leaders? In the first half of this workshop, participants will learn the 7 Indicators of High Potential, how to identify people within their organizations who embody these traits, and then how to assess and quantify them. During the second half of the workshop, participants will learn techniques and methods to help get the next generation of leaders ready to take your business to new heights.

Winning Results

Winning Results is designed for organizations that need to provide alignment and focus on results throughout their organization.

With Aim to Win, Your Organization Will

Focus on how to reach a profitability goal; create an environment where everyone works towards the same objective

Break down the “siloes” and have the team driving in the same direction

Develop plans that work, that drive even the most difficult results

Get rid of the roadblocks and overcome obstacles in a systematic way

Improve the achievement of employees’ individual business goals.

The difference between an average year and a championship year is having your entire team focused on the same thing—and accomplishing it! The Winning Results Program creates alignment around your main objectives throughout the team, and provides a technique for achieving those objectives. Your team will:

  1. Work on a game plan that ensures individual and team goals align with and support your primary objectives; and
  2. Become adept at our Core Driver Technique, a powerful method that helps leaders tackle the right issues and overcome obstacles to get results.