5 Ways To Feel Gratitude In Challenging Times

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Everyday we are faced with challenges and obstacles, including labor shortages, pandemic uncertainties, and supply chain problems. It’s all too easy to become angry, bitter, anxious, or resentful. We need gratitude more than ever now.

Podcast Highlights

#1 Include an act of kindness in your everyday life 

We need to break away from the self centered negative mindset by doing something kind. Who in your life is most deserving of your kindness? Who is helping you navigate these difficult business obstacles and how can you honor them? 

By being kind and generous to others, you create a greater sense of connection and ultimately feel better about yourself.

#2 Say thank you for the little things

When things don’t go your way it can be hard to feel grateful, but there are plenty of joys around you. You just need to shift your focus to notice them. 

What kind of blessings have you received recently? Shifting your focus to the small things helps you see life’s pleasures instead of life’s challenges, and your mind expands to support you to move forward.

#3 Reframe your negativity

If you struggle for any reason, you might start to sabotage yourself by becoming depressed and generating tons of unproductive negative thoughts. Everything comes with a kind duality, and you can choose to look at the positives of your current struggles.

Negative thoughts only have the power to limit you if you let them.

#4 Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping a gratitude journal comes with a variety of benefits including better quality sleep, increased immunity, greater levels of resilience, and improved mood. To start a journaling practice, all you need is a few minutes of time, the willingness to reflect, and a way to capture your thoughts.

Start with these questions: What experiences in your life are you grateful for? What opportunities do you have today? What have other people in your life done recently that you’re grateful for?

#5 Put your challenges in perspective

Putting challenging times into context can be a big help. Whatever it is that you’re worrying about, think about those who have even less and be grateful for what you do have. Everyone faces difficult challenges. Remember, crisis is a wonderful growth opportunity. Embrace the challenge with gratitude and you will experience genuine growth.