Adventures in Aphrodisiacs with Lillian Zeltser

Lillian Zeltser is an author, speaker and pioneer of unique aphrodisiac techniques & applications.

Lillian Zeltser transitioned from a career of successful entrepreneurship to become The Aphrodisiacs Expert. Her processes are responsible for thousands of medical miracles. She shares her vast experience, inspiring messages, and techniques with regular and professional audiences of all ages.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Lillian Zeltser? 

Lillian’s story begins on her tenth wedding anniversary when her husband surprised her with a trip to France. It was in France where they entered an old book store and discovered a book of 14th century love stories with one page in particular that seemed to contain the recipe for a love potion.

This recipe was the starting point for Lillian and her husband to explore the world learning about sexual energy and aphrodisiacs. 

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is not just your sexuality. It’s the power that impacts your appearance, your ability to be successful in business and relationships, and it affects your mental, physical and emotional world. Aphrodisiacs are natural stimulants that amplify the body’s natural sexual energy.

Aphrodisiacs are highly personalized. There is no one “love potion” that will work on everyone. There are a number of individual variables that a particular person may need that can all contribute to their sexual energy levels, so it’s important to find which aphrodisiacs work for you.

Your sexual energy affects nearly everything about your life. When it comes to leaders, the most successful have several things in common. They attract other people and stand out from the crowd, their magnetism is due to their sexual energy. 

Unfortunately, your environment and stress can diminish your sexual levels over time. The process is reversible but it takes work and time.

Sexual energy is an indicator of your whole body’s total health, the mental, emotional, and physical. It’s a measure of vitality which impacts all areas of life, including your creativity and productivity, and your ability to relate to other people like your family, colleagues, and employees.  

Indicators of Low Sexual Energy

There are several indicators that you may be suffering from a lack of sexual energy. A lack of interest in sex is just the beginning. Low sexual energy can manifest in procrastination, diminish energy levels, lack of concentration and creativity, intolerance of your social circle, or sudden bursts of anger or bitterness. It’s also possible to have too much sexual energy.

Treating the problem starts with a self assessment. Imagine your body as a factory, and in order to create things you need raw materials. Aphrodisiacs are the raw materials your body needs to rejuvenate itself. It requires a process of experimentation and speaking to your physician or an aphrodisiac expert to learn which foods and spices will naturally improve your sexual energy levels.

Ginger and cayenne pepper are two common aphrodisiacs that anyone can try to observe the effects on their body. It’s important to understand that aphrodisiacs are not medications like Viagra. They take time and repeated use to see their benefits, similar to the way vitamins and minerals work on your health.

Lillian Zeltser’s Valentines Day Takeaway

Start with Aphrodisiac Adventures and explore the world of aphrodisiacs with your significant other to discover ways to amplify your sexual energy and increase the intimacy in your relationship. 


Aphrodisiac Adventures by Lillian Zeltser