4 Things to Help Build Your Business’s Presence in a Digital World

4 Things to Help Build Your Business’s Online Presence in a Digital World

It seems almost crazy to think that just twenty years ago, many businesses still got most of their customers through the phonebook. How things have changed….Today, if a business has no online presence, it might as well not exist. In the digital world, it’s crucial to get your business in front of the audience that needs what you offer and to consider the digital marketing side of even a brick-and-mortar business. 


No matter what kind of organization you lead, here are the four things you need to consider. 


  1. Website


This is the absolute minimum, and your organization’s website doesn’t even have to be extremely sophisticated. At a basic level, a website acts as a strong trust signal for potential customers (i.e., it indicates professionalism and legitimacy), and not having one is a good way to lose those customers. Beyond this, a website is also a great way to share fundamental information your customers need, like your location, prices, product info, and hours. Taking things to the next level, you can build up your website using the next tips to better convey your brand and purpose and to offer important updates. 


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


When your customers search for products and services online, it’s in your best interest to have your business’s information pop up near the top of the search results—and that’s what SEO is all about. Good SEO adds another layer of trust to your website, allowing you to get your products or services in front of the people who actually need them. It’s worth noting that SEO is a process, not a one-and-done procedure, so it’s important to work to optimize your website as you build it out. If you’re looking for help, Google has a great guide to help you get started.


  1. High-quality content


Today, one of the best ways to strengthen your brand is through content—not only because search engines respond positively to websites that post in-depth, relevant content that attracts an audience, but also because it’s a good way to engage with your customers. Informational, helpful content can also help showcase you as an industry expert and problem solver, making it a good long-term strategy to bolster your business’s online brand and reputation.


  1. Social media


No matter what kind of business you serve, your target audience is certainly engaging with social media—and it’s important for you to be where they are. Social media helps you connect and communicate with potential buyers, and it can also help you get a better idea of your audience’s likes, problems, and needs. Engaging with customers on social media can help you earn loyal fans and expand your business presence, and it’s also another way for your organization to build trust in the digital world. 

These are the four things you’ll need at a fundamental level to jump-start your business’s online presence management, but keep in mind that digital marketing should be an ongoing process. If you’re chasing success, you should be prepared to keep an eye on your presence in the digital world for the long haul, tweaking your strategies and enhancing your brand reach every step of the way.

Wedding Planning in COVID-19 Times with Ashley Douglass

For many couples that had hoped to tie the knot this spring or summer, the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt into their wedding plans. On today’s Aim to Win podcast, we are joined by Ashley Douglass, founder of Ashley Douglass Events, who has managed to turn a stressful situation into a positive outcome. Ashley’s vast experience in wedding planning has allowed her to give her clients the most memorable day in their lives. 


  • Ashley’s epic career evolution from working for restaurants to becoming a recognized wedding planner. 
  • The formula to use that special thing that makes you unique to have a successful business. 
  • The importance of having chemistry with your clients. 
  • How COVID-19 has affected the wedding industry. 
  • Possible solutions for couples who were planning on getting married in 2020. 

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Thriving in the Post COVID-19 with Vincent Serpico and Jennifer Cumbe

Many companies are struggling because of COVID-19. But what’s the key to not just surviving, but thriving after the pandemic? On today’s Aim to Win podcast, we have guests Vincent Serpico and Jennifer Cumbe of the Founders Workshop, a specialized software development company that helps start-ups bring their ideas to life. Serpico and Cumbe shared with us strategies that could help keep business afloat now, and to thrive in the next phase. They also talked about their passion for working with founders, who they see as men and women on a mission to change the world by doing something no one has ever done before. 


  • A founder is someone who is changing the world, somebody that’s on a mission to do something that nobody has ever done before. 
  • The importance of engaging in projects and compromising by exchanging ideas on a deep level. 
  • The possibility of transitioning businesses to a digital format.
  • No matter how early you are on your founder’s journey, there is always something that you can offer to others.
  • Solid revenue and traction as the new trend in angel investing.

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Never Give up Your Day Dream with Hayley Littman

Accomplishing dreams and goals is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling feelings that anyone can experience. Today on the Aim to Win podcast, we have a special guest, Hayley Littman whose goal in life is to help actors reach their potential and land their dream roles. She has become a success story in coaching and helping those express their authenticity and redefine their image. 


  • The importance of knowing yourself and growing through your acting roles
  • Embracing past rejections and letting them fuel you for new opportunities 
  • What you can do to build relationships with clients 
  • The formula for keeping focus and staying on track while auditioning 
  • How to portray your authenticity during a casting call
  • The importance of coaching to help others grow personally and professionally 

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Cooking Your Way to the Top with Desmond Robinson

In today’s podcast we are joined by Desmond Robinson, better known as Chef D. Arthur, a personal chef, food blogger and consultant who has loved cooking since he was a little boy. Coming from a family of culinary experts, he has always known that the key to a perfect dish comes from balance—something that you can’t always achieve easily. After struggling to find his way in the professional world, Arthur had the courage to follow his true passion and now travels the world cooking for his various clients. 


  • Don’t be afraid of change.
  • When you live your dream to the fullest, it manifests itself.
  • Fear will appear, but don’t let it stop you. 
  • Everybody has what it takes to get through the basics of cooking.
  • Easy recipes ideas to cook during quarantine. 

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Check out Chef D. Arthur’s recipes.

5 Psychological Hacks for a Healthy Business Mindset

5 Psychological Hacks You Need for a Healthy Business Mindset

As an entrepreneur, you likely hold yourself to higher expectations than anyone else does. In reaching for success, you’re constantly pushing, making sacrifices, and working on the go. But this consistent strain can weigh on your mind—which is troubling because your success also relies on your inner mental game! How can you maximize your efforts and cultivate a business mindset, even as you face the constant challenge of entrepreneurship? Here are five psychological tricks to help you succeed.

1. Know your boundaries. 

A successful entrepreneur must be aware of what is and isn’t acceptable on the road to success. How far are you willing to go for the sake of your business? When are you willing to offer deep discounts to prospective buyers, or bend turn-around times for a client relationship? Knowing your own boundaries can help you say “yes” only at the right times, instead of simply going with the flow.

2. Step away from your business.

This may sound like a counter-intuitive entrepreneurial skill—and if you’re a new business owner, it may sound downright scary. Your business may feel like your entire life, but that’s exactly why it’s crucial to take time to disconnect. Set aside time for a short detox at regular intervals throughout the year to help recharge your batteries and refresh your mindset.

3. Embrace failure. 

We’ll all experience disappointment at some point in our lives, but we tend to take it very personally when it happens in a business we’ve worked hard on. The inability to accept failure is a mental block that you must overcome to cultivate a better business mindset. Sure, your first attempts may fail, but even the most successful people weren’t triumphant at every step. Consider each failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.

4. Get more sleep.

A common part of entrepreneur psychology is the need to be constantly going at full speed, but your health is often the first thing to suffer when you overwork yourself. And sure, you’ve heard a thousand times that you need more sleep, but chances are you still aren’t getting enough of it. Sleep can help the brain review what it’s learned during the day, and it improves your overall memory and attention span—both of which you very much need! Do yourself a favor, and get in bed on time.

5. Find a supportive network. 

No one is an island. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to do it all alone. Don’t hesitate to lean on family and friends for help, whether you need financial backing for your startup or someone to watch the kids when you’re working with a client. And as you grow your business, extend that network to find mentors, peers, and mastermind groups that can help you take things to the next level.

As you build your business, don’t forget to cultivate healthy entrepreneurial psychology as well. You might be surprised how well these mental hacks can give you the resilience you need to weather the intense stress, uncertainty, and risk that comes along with managing your own business.

The Power of Using Your Voice to Build your Brand with Ashley Kirkwood

Using your voice to build your brand
  • What you can do to land your first TEDx speaking engagement
  • The importance of building authority and credibility through press and speaking opportunities
  • How to pitch yourself for speaking engagements or media interviews 
  • The formula for becoming a better public speaker by focusing on the message that you are sharing 
  • How to book speaking gigs when you’re first starting out

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Some Positive Energy – wupwithjen

Aim To Win’s Wade Thomas was a special guest on Jennifer Baynham’s podcast Wupwithjen. They exchanged positive thoughts on how we can all cope with the Coronavirus pandemic as parents, as small business owners, and as individuals to be better and get moving forward

Strategies to Manage a Newly Remote Team

Aim To Win Strategies to Manage a Newly Remote Team

With coronavirus spreading around the globe, leaders everywhere are quickly learning to adapt to a new dynamic—and that means business leaders as well. Out of necessity, a staggering number of companies are having employees work remotely, often for the first time. For leaders, the sudden shift to managing a completely remote team can be an added challenge during this already stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few key strategies, you can help your online team remain effective under your leadership.

Lead by example.

Given the uncertainty and stress we are all feeling at the moment, the idea of pressing on as usual can feel pretty daunting. While there’s nothing wrong with you or your people feeling anxious or apathetic in the face of the current climate, it’s also important to remember that your team takes its cues from you. As their leader, it’s more crucial than ever to remain empathetic but firm, giving your team a stable figure in light of the unsettling situation. Show patience, offer support, and listen to their concerns as you move forward.

Get the right technology.

Many businesses were caught by surprise and are not prepared to go remote, so it’s important to make sure your entire team is using the best tools for the job. Most importantly, try to standardize your software: Which chat software will your team be using? Are you working all from the same project management tool? Are you hosting virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams or Zoom? Get on the same page with your people for more cohesive teamwork.

Have daily check-ins.

Make sure to engage your people through consistent check-ins throughout the day, whether these are scheduled meetings, text messages,  or spontaneous phone or video calls. t the absolute minimum you should virtually touch each person daily, which can be a group meeting for all of your people or one-on-one meetings depending on how your organization is structured and how your team tends to work. 

These check-ins will help on several fronts: first, they give employees a sense of stability and predictability, and it also ensures that they know your virtual door is always open if they have questions and concerns. Second, team meetings are crucial to getting everyone on the same page and focused, especially in the context of remote work. Last, these check-ins can help all of you feel more connected in these times of uncertainty. In addition to formal “business meetings,” make sure that you allow for fun and informal conversation—just like you would at the office.  

Help your team prioritize.

Little about this situation is business as usual. This means that your organization’s priorities have most likely shifted, and your people might be struggling to see the big picture. As a leader, your role is to help your team focus on the most impactful projects in the current context. Make sure that you are maintaining your team’s sense of purpose and its core values, even in this new environment. 

After some initial pains, you might find that this remote setup works well. Once you guide them through the early days of this large-scale remote work experiment, trust your people to continue delivering results, and keep checking in as the situation unfolds.

A Positive State of Mind with Olena Heu

Aim To Win A Positive State of Mind with Olena Heu
  • The importance of keeping a positive mind when facing obstacles.  
  • Overcoming your fears of changing your paths 
  • Embracing rejection by adjusting your mindset to seek out other opportunities. 
  • Why word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to get clients. 
  • Finding resilience to overcome any hardship that might come your way

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