Be Unsettled, Finding your Way in a Changing World with Jonathan Kalan

Have you ever thought about ditching everything to travel the World? Is there an effective way to do that and financially sustain yourself? On today’s  episode, we are joined by Jonathan Kalan, co-founder of Unsettled, a travel company that brings together artists, freelancers, and professionals of all ages with the same passion: to live boldly and to embrace the unknown. Unsettled started as a group of friends traveling together, but as these digital nomads decided to make wanderlust their way of life, what started as a short trip ended up changing their future.


  • The importance of creating a community of people that share the same values and philosophy of life
  • Life as something that’s in constant evolution
  • We’ve been in uncertain times for a long time
  • Most people are looking for the same things: growth, belonging and being true to themselves
  • There is no such thing as THE truth. Truth is formed by the perspective of each person.
  • Communication is key when you work with a remote team
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