Feeling At Home In Yourself with Tracy Aleksic

Tracy Aleksic, E-R.Y.T is CEO of Radiant Centre and instructs a variety of yoga/meditation/healing arts classes, workshops, and retreats around the globe.

She is a certified Prenatal and Therapeutic Thai Massage Therapist. Her work is knowledgeable, healing and intuitive.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Tracy Aleksic? 

Tracy’s story begins in 1998, when she was studying anthropology in college and her mother recommended she take up yoga as a way to relieve stress. After signing up for the class, yoga changed the trajectory of Tracy’s life and it became an anchor that everything else was based on.

How did that sudden shift feel?

Major changes in your life can be stressful, even if they are positive. You might have to explain yourself and what you’re doing to your family and friends so they understand. Learning how to breathe and manage her thoughts helped Tracy through the transition itself.

Tracy’s parents believed that she needed structure in her life, which is why they sent her to boarding school, but when she came back home she felt even more lost. When she discovered yoga at the age of 19, it was the first time that she felt like she had found her home within herself.

Yoga made Tracy realize that there wasn’t anything wrong with her and allowed her to love herself. As a highly emotionally sensitive child, the dynamics of her family life were not her fault but she felt them all the same. Tracy realized that the moment you are comfortable with yourself, you become unstoppable. Feeling at home in yourself is one of the most empowering things you can feel as an individual. 


When you’re going through a hard time in your life you might not realize that there is a support system around that you and all you have to do is talk about your problems and share how you feel. We all share certain aspects of life in common.

Having people tell you that you can’t do something, shouldn’t do something, or are weird can be difficult, especially for someone who is very empathic.

Growing Past The Naysayers

Tracy decided that she wanted to go all in. After returning home from her master level yoga training, Tracy sold all her worldly possessions, got her motorcycle license and rode across Southeast Asia. Along the way she studied the things she wanted to know more about like Thai massage techniques, she lived in Buddhist monasteries, took a vow of silence, and became immersed in another culture. 

Going against the grain and learning about the things that she wanted to know about her whole life was one of the most authentic experiences Tracy has ever had.

When you do things that challenge people, they might reject you out of fear. It can be easier to just remove you from their life instead of accepting that maybe they can change themselves or be more than they are now.  

When you came back, did you see any inspiration in others?

When somebody in your circle is daring, it touches the hearts of everybody that knows that individual. Tracy saw a number of people step out of their comfort zone and try new things, including her father.

Shortly after that experience Tracy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She started contemplating her death in the way that many Asian cultures encourage. When you can move past the fear of your own insecurities then you step forward with purpose and divine inspiration, and it gives you courage like nothing else can. Life goes fast, do the things you know you need to do.   

Finding Your Potential 

Tracy works with a number of people who feel a lack of motivation or anxiety and the first step is learning how to breathe. Proper breathing reinforces your ability to respond to stress without feeling crushed. There are a number of breathing techniques and learning opportunities that Tracy offers to her students to help them feel renewed and focused so they can achieve their potential.

One thing that Tracy has found over the course of her journey is that the more you travel the more you realize that we are not very different. That experience can be very transformative for people.

Making The Leap 

A lot of things that Tracy talks about are pretty esoteric but when broken down is essentially about being in alignment with the world. All of the lessons that Tracy teaches have direct applications to leadership in the corporate world and in personal relationships.

Love is such a high frequency that it attracts abundance and prosperity. When we manage our breathing we’re no longer afraid to step into our potential.