How to Get Press and Make Money Out of PR with Lexie Smith

Public relations is often thought of as a simple strategy to appear in magazines or on TV. But it’s so much more than that! Today’s guest, Lexie Smith, is a PR coach and corporate trainer who founded her own business – THEPRBAR, an online coaching brand and platform that specializes in helping motivated entrepreneurs and companies expand their impact, influence and revenue through PR. 



  • Lexie’s journey of how she landed in the PR industry and started her own business
  • Challenges Lexie encountered when diving into the PR market
  • Lexie’s unique approach to PR and the way she markets it
  • What entrepreneurs tend to think about PR 
  • What is brand collaboration and how it can help entrepreneurs? 
  • The importance of relationship building and how it can help you gain truth-worthy partners
  • What entrepreneurs and companies should do when starting in PR
  • Media free PR tip! Visit Help a Reporter to get press and get started

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