Do you want an organization that is highly productive, experiences low employee turnover, and delivers great bottom line results? An organization with highly-engaged employees that grow with your business?

Great leadership is at the core of these types of organizations. Leveraging the Aim to Win Leadership Academy will help you get the most from your leaders.

Our Approach

Our leadership development is built on the science of brain training and behavior change.  We use frequent and sustained reinforcement of thoughts and behaviors to turn learning into habits.

Our Edge

Old habits die hard, unless they are replaced by better ones. Our programs take leadership development to the next level by focusing on daily practice to reinforce learning and create habits of success.

Your Gain

10 minutes a day is all it takes to become a better leader, improve your business, and transform your life.



Strenghts Bootcamp

Learn to turn your talents into strengths, become more successful in life and work, and improve your overall well-being.  Leveraging the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment (sold separately through here), you will uncover your top 5 talents and turn them into habits that you can tap into each and every day.

Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp

Improve your relationships at home and at work.  Increasing your emotional intelligence will lead to more success at work, stronger personal relationships, and more happiness. 

Happiness and Success at Work Bootcamp

Build positive relationships, create greater meaning, and generate more positive energy.  This program applies the principles of positive psychology to the workplace to help you experience more success as you grow and develop.

Networking for Results

Without a doubt, networking is not everyone’s favorite thing. Most of us find it to be somewhat awkward, time consuming, and even draining. This program will get you on track to build a network of mutually-beneficial relationships that will reduce the pain of networking and help take your career or business to new levels.



87% of leaders wish that they had more training.  71% of companies do not feel that their leaders are prepared to lead their company in the future.  Is this you?  Do you struggle with employee engagement? Is turnover higher than you would like? Or, do you need your leaders to continue their growth into the future—a world of ever-increasing complexity?  With the Leading for Results program, your leaders will get the results you need by leading high-performing teams.  They will work strategically to overcome obstacles and drive performance.  By taking small, consistent steps, they will become the leaders that you need.

This year-long program combines online micro-learning with continual habit-generating exercises to drive true learning and behavior change that will improve your leaders ability to drive results—in just 10 minutes a day.  Modules are designed around key leadership attributes and competencies including self awareness, emotional intelligence, personal accountability, holding others accountable, communication, strategic thinking, talent management, and learning agility.

Need more individualized attention?  Along with this program, we offer the option of our On-Demand Coaching program.  This program offers your leaders virtual coaching on demand from their phone, tablet, or laptop—when they need it.  Also available is our Boost option.  This option combines the On-Demand Coaching program with monthly scheduled, 1:1 video coaching sessions.

Leading for Results

12 months

$497/per month

or $5,367/year (Save10%)

Leadership Modules
Year-long training
Payment Plan

Leading for Results

with On-Demand Coaching

$697/per month

or $7,527/year(Save10%)

Leadership Modules
Year-long training
Virtual Coaching
Payment Plan

Leading for Results

with Boost

$997/per month

or $10,767/year (save 10%)

Leadership Modules
Year-long training
Virtual Coaching
1:1 Video Coaching
Payment Plan

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