Are You Feeling Stress at (work) Your Workplace?

Are you taking that stress home or vice versa?

Is your team stressed out?

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From the Webinar Hosts

From The Heart

From the Heart is your guide to building a heart-based culture with a foundation of compassion and empathy. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, finding a true sustainable competitive advantage can be a struggle. From the Heart gives you a formula for creating this advantage by using traits that anyone can develop, but that many have chosen not to.

5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Joy Joints

Discover 5 simple Exercises to help you create more joy, learning how to maintain your sanity while keeping your humanity.


How To Identify Stress

Get real world advice on how to identify stress in your life and workplace.

Cleanse Yourself of Unconscious Stress

Strategies for removing and cleansing the stress that comes up day-to-day.

Psychological safety

Discuss the concept of psychological safety in the workplace and how it can be the number one influencer of high performers.

Controlling Stress in the Workplace

Find out the secret methods that you can use to control the stress that comes up in the workplace.

The Presenters

Wade Thomas

Wade believes that not only do compassion and empathy have a place in the business world but that they are integral parts of long term success. He strives to help his clients find their voice, their individuality, and their passion to give them the freedom to lead their lives on their terms!

Abbie Mirata

Abbie uses her process of 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Joy Joints™ to empower individuals at work or at home to be able to gain control of their own responses and reactions to the world, redefine joy as a value and help you maintain your sanity, while keeping your humanity.

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- T. S. Eliot

Past events

Aim To Win How To Combat Anxiety

(Replay) How To Combat Anxiety During COVID-19 with Brian Shiers

Anxiety can occasionally trigger the mind, but what if the mind can trigger it first? On today’s Aim to Win podcast, special guest Brian Shiers dives deep into recognizing and practicing mindfulness to help with stress. He has become an advocate for mindfulness meditation and how it creates a positive mindset during today’s COVID-19 outbreak. Brian’s goal is to help people tackle their anxiety through cognitive exercises, therapy and practice.

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