Why Aim to Win

I found my niche quite by accident. Working in sales for a national retail chain, I discovered that, while growing revenue was rewarding, what really excited me was developing talent and watching careers take off. This inspired me to pursue an MBA with a focus on Human Resources. 

Working as a senior Human Resources executive for industry-leading manufacturing and service companies has given me terrific insight. In tune with how career trajectories are shaped and maintained, I know first-hand the inner workings of the business world, which enables me to provide practical, actionable coaching expertise. This corporate Human Resources experience sets me apart — so many coaches and trainers rely solely on their own personal business experience to craft their theories and approaches to career development.

Think of game theory or a game of chess; Aim to Win produces a strategy and charts a course of action to bring you step-by-step to your goal. We help you navigate through the obstacles and harness opportunities within your organization. Foundational to this effort is helping clients understand behaviors they exhibit that may be impinging on their success. At the same time, we identify positive behaviors and tendencies you inherently present and nurture them, so they become tools you strategically deploy to achieve your goals. We polish what you already have; we don’t push you to adopt new behaviors that do not feel natural, typically create stress and do not help you achieve desired outcomes.

Aim To Win guides clients to be more deliberate in their interactions with colleagues, to think about relationships beyond a surface level.

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