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Wade Thomas Aim To Win

How I got started on this path

Wade Thomas is a successful business coach with a focus on entrepreneurship and small businesses. 

Wade is a graduate of Stetson University and has an MBA from Indiana University as well as executive education from the University of Michigan. With over 20 years of professional experience in executive human resources, leadership development, and business strategies, he has experienced firsthand what makes businesses work.  

As important as his background is what he stands for: Wade embraces uniqueness while challenging the status quo. He uses imagination to discover better ways to build entrepreneurs’ businesses and to help them make a difference. Wade believes that growth comes from experimentation, and having the courage to accept and learn from failure. He believes in being nimble enough to change direction quickly when needed to make the most of new opportunities.

Wade believes that not only do compassion and empathy have a place in the business world but that they are integral parts of long term success. He strives to help his clients find their voice, their individuality, and their passion to give them the freedom to lead their lives on their terms!

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Recent case studies & results

Middle Management

An up and coming middle manager was considered to be too soft spoken for higher level jobs. While working with Aim to Win, he learned to become assertive—while keeping his personal style and leveraging compassion and empathy. 3 Promotions later he now runs a major corporate department.

Project success factor

Increased influence in his company and personal success.

Senior Executive

A senior production executive struggled with achieving results, not having enough time, and dealing with a difficult boss. After working with Aim to Win, he avoided burnout by getting control of his time and energy, avoided “firefighting” and systematically achieved his objectives, became comfortable with his boss—and gained additional responsibilities!

Project success factor

Saved professional career.


A long struggling business changed out their top executive and embarked on an overhaul of their way of doing business.  Aim to Win worked with each of the senior executives on the leadership team and saw the business achieve great results–reaching profitability in year 1!

Project success factor

A complete business turn-around acheiving profitability