From The Heart Book


Compassion and Empathy, isn’t that for charitable organizations or new age well-doers? It certainly is not for businesses who must fight the day-to-day battles in a competitive landscape that gets fiercer every year. Or is it? From the Heart will show you how a culture of compassion and empathy is not only a societal imperative, but how it will also provide your organization with a sustainable competitive advantage, no matter what industry you are in.



Compassion and empathy are powerful forces. Together they can overcome indifference, insensitivity, and toxicity. A single act of compassion can change a life forever, think about the difference that an entire organization’s worth of compassion and empathy can make. Compassion is the glue that binds humanity together, within an organization compassion and empathy can create bonds that are stronger than they have ever been, enabling progress that is unfathomable with the old way of doing things. I wrote this book as a gift to you, the organization that is striving to be the best that it can be, that is looking for the edge to put it above and beyond its competition. I truly believe that the era of toxic leadership is long past, and those companies that rid themselves of this scourge and embrace the power of compassion and empathy will be the leaders of their industry. These companies will be the new benchmark, the bellwether of a new era, and will help lead society into a new world. A world where people will be encouraged to grow, to succeed, and to make the most of their potential. The time is now. The ball is in your court. What will you make of this opportunity?