Winning in 2023

As we look backwards and reflect on the past year, let’s also set our sights forward to a fresh new start in 2023! If you are anything like me, there are countless possibilities ahead – but how do you take advantage of them?  

It starts with having the right goals, and then achieving them. 

Let’s make this coming year successful by utilizing a straightforward approach for goal setting.  

 Start off with dreaming big and then break those dreams down into achievable targets every quarter; don’t be afraid to think outside your comfort zone – if there is something that you would like to accomplish throughout these next 12 months, imagine it being already done and work backwards to craft steps so that everything falls perfectly into place! 

But how do you go about setting achievable objectives?  How do you prevent yourself from being overwhelmed?  

Here’s an approach that makes it easy: start by imagining what the end result looks like – what will you have accomplished by the end of 2023 – then break this into quarterly goals. Of course, don’t forget to make these goals specific, measurable, and attainable. 

Quarterly goals can still seem quite large and foreboding, and well…far out into the future.  So, take the next step and break them down into shorter, more manageable actions so that you start achieving your ambitions one step at a time. 

Every week should feature two or three actions that will help you move closer toward those quarterly objectives – making sure not to overload yourself in the process. With this strategy, success is within reach each and every day! 

This year, start off on the right foot and target two to three achievable goals each week. Accomplishing them will give you a sense of satisfaction that comes from moving the ball forward. Also, once those goals are done, don’t forget to take time for yourself—celebrate your success!  

Here’s to a great 2023! 



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