Wellness and Virtual Reality with Garrett Hoyos

Garrett Hoyos

Garrett Hoyos is the Founder of AuthentiCity VR. He is pioneering a movement towards virtual and in person wellness experiences to create gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness. He spends most of his time connecting to the most exponential and conscious executors in the world.

He sees Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and AI driven distribution as a beautiful way to connect others. He is an optimist and looks to Ed Catmull, Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, and Ray Dalio as his team of life coaches.

He’s worked on many projects including Star Wars, The Peanuts Movie, Ben-Hur & Narcos.

His calling in life came after he stepped away from the Mormon church, had his first child, and experienced ego death by tripping on psilocybin mushrooms. Several months later he overcame his own personal trauma through MDMA therapy.

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Who is Garrett Hoyos? 

Garret’s story didn’t really get interesting until after he got married. His career started off with achieving what he thought was his dream job but turned out to be not what he was hoping for.

After getting married and leaving his job as an animator, Garret moved to Canada, and from there China and then California. Over the course of his travels Garret learned that he had ADHD and how he needed structure in order to really thrive. He also discovered Bitcoin and blockchain technology, which led to him learning about virtual reality.

His experience with plant medicine, psychedelics, blockchain and AI are serendipitously interlinked in his life now.

Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelics

If you are clinically depressed, the substance psilocybin which is derived from magic mushrooms, lifts the fog from your brain and clears out the addiction to being depressed.

There are a number of recent studies done on the effects of psilocybin on depression and PTSD which has led to plant medicine becoming a more accepted form of treatment. Magic mushrooms were previously listed as a Schedule 1 substance which prevented researchers from learning about it’s beneficial medical properties. Western medicine is opening up to the idea that psychedelics have medicinal properties.

Instead of taking an antidepressant once a day, someone can potentially take psilocybin once a year, or even once a lifetime and see lasting results.

Blockchain and Mushrooms

When you look at the virtual structure into the blockchain and compare it to the physical structure of the way that mushrooms develop there are a number of similarities. Taking these substances allows you to see connections and insights that you can’t otherwise.

Sometimes science mimics nature, and sometimes nature inspires science. Even though technology is becoming more ubiquitous in our lives, there is a movement to reconnect with nature.

AI and VR are known as the spatial web and are the next levels of the internet.

Empathy and Virtual Reality

Garret was inspired by his experiences with plant medicine and wanted to help other people share those experiences as well. This led him to researching a way to recreate those experiences within virtual reality, without having to take those substances.

Digital wellness and mental health are big focuses for Garret. He believes virtual reality will wake people up to the nature of their life. If we can build the core tenets of life and the human experience into new technologies like virtual reality and blockchain, we can put wellness ahead of profits.

The Future of the Blockchain and Virtual Reality

Blockchain technologies have just passed the Early Adopter phase, which means that in the next few years we are likely to see an exponential explosion in the adoption of it. Garret believes that within the next few years we are going to see a transformation of the economic system around the world.

All these technologies are beginning to converge, over the next decade the majority of people will be working in VR, playing in VR, and living the rest of their life in nature. The rise of VR will bring a number of business and wellness opportunities.

Our phones already anticipate and help us understand what’s good for us. Technologies like AI, virtual reality, and blockchain have an incredible power to create changes for the better. The future is going to be democratized, decentralized, and digitized.

It’s easy to imagine the dystopian path that society could go down but it’s important to focus on the abundant and exponential future. In ten years your business will not look the same as it does now. Technology will transform everything that we do. Covid has actually accelerated the pace of the development of this technology.

If we can be present with what is great now, the future is going to take care of itself.

Garret Hoyos’ Takeaway

To prepare for these coming changes having a mastermind or a coach can be extremely helpful. Find a community that helps you see outside of your current perspective. Take in their contrary opinions and use that perspective to inform your own. Constantly adapt and try to get into your flow state as much as possible.


Authenticity VR


Flip the Hustle

daniella platt

Known for her vibrant energy and creativity, Daniella Platt is known as a brand strategist and apparel industry expert who specializes in working with purpose driven brands and entrepreneurs on marketing, and how to have an apparel line. She also coaches creatives to authentically open up the door to sales success in her Ten Commandments Rockstar system. 

In fact, she wrote the #1 best-selling book on it, Looking Good to guide people to achieve. 

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Who is Daniella Platt? 

Daniella is from a small town in Long Island where she never really fit in but was also known as a connector and creative person. She followed her passion and ended up in New York and LA working in advertising agencies. She has two decades in the business and crafted hundreds of campaigns at this point. She now works with heart centered entrepreneurs take their heart and their art into the world.

She helps entrepreneurs by providing communications and brand strategy, as well as sales coaching. Her best selling book was the result of having a number of people repeatedly ask her the same questions about how to open the door and be in communications with people to establish their fashion lines.

Stop Playing Small

We live in an environment where we need to bust through fear and turn it into focus. You can be anything you want to be, don’t let fear hold you back. You just need to harness your energy and let go of your limiting beliefs.

We are going to remember this time as the age of the screen. We experience so much of our lives through the screen of a computer now which makes the space above your keyboard prime real estate. Getting dressed is the beginning of the energy you put out into the world and affects how you appear to yourself and others. It’s about doing the best you can and thrive in the space that you have. There is more emphasis on the top half of your body than ever before.

Promotional branded apparel is a great way to build community, build unity, stay connected, and stay empowered. 

Zoom Life

For 64 million people who are now working at home the weekend doesn’t have the same significance. Changing your apparel depending on what you are doing is one way of maintaining some normalcy. It also helps the lines from blurring between your work life and your social life.

We are about to see a major revolution as people start to really understand how to communicate online.

Flip the Hustle

If you want an opportunity you have to do what it takes to stand out. But before you can get to that point you have to learn the art of unselling. The traditional idea of hustling needs to be adjusted now that the world is so different, but the basic principles are still the same.

Think of it like sales yoga. Take a deep breath and connect with your community, then ask them simple heartfelt questions. These questions can tell you a lot of how someone likes to communicate.

When you’re in a Zoom chat with people you don’t know, take a moment to find them online and let them know that you were glad to meet and connect them. Now, more than ever, you have a chance to connect with more people than ever. There are a lot of positives to our more virtual world, we just have to be open to them.

We need to focus on the present and where we are at now. People still want what you are creating so continue to show up on social media and keep creating but do something that will serve people in the way they need it now.

The most critical thing during this time is discipline to keep your momentum. Stick with your plan and ride it out. You are in this for the long haul and continuously grow. Know your why so you can keep executing at a level of simplicity.

Daniella’s Takeaway

Any creative that is just starting out, find a community and find your tribe. Access every resource you can and find people that have done it that can mentor you. Just start and go for it. People are paying attention right now, you just need to get in front of them.



Adventures in Aphrodisiacs with Lillian Zeltser

lillian zeltser

Lillian Zeltser is an author, speaker and pioneer of unique aphrodisiac techniques & applications.

Lillian Zeltser transitioned from a career of successful entrepreneurship to become The Aphrodisiacs Expert. Her processes are responsible for thousands of medical miracles. She shares her vast experience, inspiring messages, and techniques with regular and professional audiences of all ages.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Lillian Zeltser? 

Lillian’s story begins on her tenth wedding anniversary when her husband surprised her with a trip to France. It was in France where they entered an old book store and discovered a book of 14th century love stories with one page in particular that seemed to contain the recipe for a love potion.

This recipe was the starting point for Lillian and her husband to explore the world learning about sexual energy and aphrodisiacs. 

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is not just your sexuality. It’s the power that impacts your appearance, your ability to be successful in business and relationships, and it affects your mental, physical and emotional world. Aphrodisiacs are natural stimulants that amplify the body’s natural sexual energy.

Aphrodisiacs are highly personalized. There is no one “love potion” that will work on everyone. There are a number of individual variables that a particular person may need that can all contribute to their sexual energy levels, so it’s important to find which aphrodisiacs work for you.

Your sexual energy affects nearly everything about your life. When it comes to leaders, the most successful have several things in common. They attract other people and stand out from the crowd, their magnetism is due to their sexual energy. 

Unfortunately, your environment and stress can diminish your sexual levels over time. The process is reversible but it takes work and time.

Sexual energy is an indicator of your whole body’s total health, the mental, emotional, and physical. It’s a measure of vitality which impacts all areas of life, including your creativity and productivity, and your ability to relate to other people like your family, colleagues, and employees.  

Indicators of Low Sexual Energy

There are several indicators that you may be suffering from a lack of sexual energy. A lack of interest in sex is just the beginning. Low sexual energy can manifest in procrastination, diminish energy levels, lack of concentration and creativity, intolerance of your social circle, or sudden bursts of anger or bitterness. It’s also possible to have too much sexual energy.

Treating the problem starts with a self assessment. Imagine your body as a factory, and in order to create things you need raw materials. Aphrodisiacs are the raw materials your body needs to rejuvenate itself. It requires a process of experimentation and speaking to your physician or an aphrodisiac expert to learn which foods and spices will naturally improve your sexual energy levels.

Ginger and cayenne pepper are two common aphrodisiacs that anyone can try to observe the effects on their body. It’s important to understand that aphrodisiacs are not medications like Viagra. They take time and repeated use to see their benefits, similar to the way vitamins and minerals work on your health.

Lillian Zeltser’s Valentines Day Takeaway

Start with Aphrodisiac Adventures and explore the world of aphrodisiacs with your significant other to discover ways to amplify your sexual energy and increase the intimacy in your relationship. 


Aphrodisiac Adventures by Lillian Zeltser


Healing The World with Dashama

Since 2005 Dashama has produced hundreds of videos, multiple best selling online courses, 32 instructional DVDs, written 2 published books and 4 ebooks, lead international retreats, teacher trainings and events serving the growing demand for her high quality educational material in the meditation, yoga, health & wellness market segment known as LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). 

Her productions have distribution globally through Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, ATT Uverse, Broadband TV, Marriott Hotels, Shangri-la Resorts, Roku, Apple TV, Daily Yoga app + more with a total reach of over 150 million potential daily viewers combined. Dashama was inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame at Stanford in 2019 and spoke at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness in 2016.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Dashama? 

Dashama thinks about the journey a little bit differently from other people. She grew up with a loving mother in a loving household up until the age of 7 where her mother became schizophrenic. This completely changed her life. She ended up in foster homes and experiencing a lot of trauma regarding the loss of her family. This was how she learned the importance of the mind.

She found ways to make herself feel better despite the repressed trauma by being an excellent student, an athlete, and generally popular. When Dashama was 18 she was hit by a car while biking, and this left her with what doctor’s described as irreversible spinal damage. Despite the prognosis, Dashama went on a quest to heal her body through yoga.

It was around that time in her life where Dashama started looking for deeper answers. She started pursuing a career as a yoga teacher and it ended up changing her life so completely that she has dedicated her life to it. She never planned to make money from yoga but wanted to share what she learned with other people, and in the first year of teaching Dashama made $80,000.

One of her clients helped her set up her YouTube channel in 2006 during the early days of the platform. In 2008 Dashama started the first 30 day yoga challenge in the world which catalyzed the global yoga trend and made the practice more mainstream.

Healing The World

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing awareness that the world needs healing. For Dashama, her life purpose is to heal the world and people, specifically the mind. It’s our reaction to what happens to us that causes us suffering.

If we really want to change the world, the best way to do that is have people experience joy from within. The main issue with the world right now is that people are grasping for things outside themselves to make themselves feel happy. This leads to consumerism, conflict, and greed.

When you feel joy inside you become a radiant light to other people, so the starting point is healing the self. Once you get to a joyous place of contentment and wholeness, the only question is how can you serve the people around you and make the world a better place.

We need to come together to solve the issues caused by the pandemic. This can take the form of meditation and breathing, but it’s all about getting into a state where you feel so good that you don’t bring suffering to others.

So often we think we can fix the world by fixing everyone else, but if the focus is inward so many problems could be solved. We currently live in the ME culture but we need to realize that the state of the world is a mirror for what’s within us. Many people live within a veil of illusion and can’t see things as they are, which is not always easy since reality doesn’t always please the ego.

The primary reality is within, and the secondary reality is outside of us. Whatever is happening inside is going to be reflected on the outside. 

Everybody was born into the world to serve in some way. In Yoga, the concept is known as Dharma, and it’s where your passion and purpose intersect. If you are living your Dharma that helps you live in joy and service at the same time. If we can heal ourselves in this way we can begin to help other people heal themselves too. 

Flow State

Flow state is the state of total absorption. It’s the aspiration of yoga and many other people to achieve this state more often, and if we can be fully present with what’s in front of us most of our problems can be resolved.

There are a number of different entry points to the flow state and it depends on the person. For some, that can be dancing. For others, it might be breathing or ice baths. 

Being the observer of your reality is important as well, and seeing what is taking you out of the flow state. We are often preventing ourselves from entering the flow state with the stories we have about our lives and what we think it should be. If we can let go of all that, all that’s left is flow.

Many people try to achieve the flow state with external substances or people, but that only suppresses the body’s natural ability to produce the flow state and leads to additional problems like addiction.

Seeking The Truth

Meditation is hard. If you try it out on your own you will encounter a number of challenges. Get proper guidance from a teacher that can show you the way. This will allow you to build the foundation for feeling good and achieving it naturally from within.

These practices actually change the physical structure of your brain. Studies from Harvard have shown the healing capabilities of meditation and yoga.

Dashama’s Takeaway

Once you start, make it a consistent daily practice. Realize that you are not just doing it for you but by healing yourself you can make a greater positive impact on the world while also creating the life of your dreams.








Authenticity Is The Way with Michael S Seaver

michael s seaver

Michael S Seaver is an award-winning executive coach, author, keynote speaker, and podcast host. He’s on a mission to unlock human potential to help people uncover and live their purpose, and live a more meaningful and authentic life. 

Michael S Seaver offers no-nonsense strategies to help people find confidence in their life’s narrative, commonalities across generations working today, and ways to communicate with emotional intelligence.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Michael Seaver? 

Michael was raised in a small town in west Michigan. It was a place of emotional isolation for Michael where he was taught by his family to mainly follow orders and do what he was told. 

It wasn’t until Michael got some experience in the hospitality industry and completed an MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management did he learn how to be his most authentic self and understand how to coach other people.

He went on to work at Banner Health as the director of talent sourcing but felt stifled in the corporate role. He left the company to start Seaver consulting and built that business through the years where it went from resume writing to communication training and 1 to 1 branding coaching to what it is now, unlocking human potential and cultural change.

Finding Your Authentic Self

There are three major things that happen in our lives. In our early years we encounter some sort of sustained challenge that we are confronted by. The second step is understanding the process of overcoming that challenge, which transforms into helping and teaching other people how to overcome that same challenge. That’s where our missions are born.

When we get to the point where we understand our purpose on earth, life becomes a process of growing and learning, but the next step is always contribution.

Teaching other people gives you a deep sense of peace and accomplishment, and creates a profound positive impact on the world. In many ways the current command and control structure that has been in place forever is transforming into a paradigm of compassion and authenticity.

Society is moving to a place where it has absorbed the benefits of capitalism, combined with emerging decentralization of capability, where people are able to become the CEOs of themselves. We are learning the leaders that make compassion and empathy the foundation for their team motivate the most effectively.

The world is shifting from the belief that someone else has the answers for us, to the belief that we can find our own answers. The Millennial and Gen Z generations have anxiety levels that are 50% higher than past generations. If businesses are going to succeed they need to offer the support that those generations demand.

The bottom line is that authenticity, compassion, and empathy works for business. 

Success Stories

Michael had been working with an accounting firm based in Phoenix for the past few years and observed the effect of a leadership change over that time. Over 24 months, the organization transformed through little micro adjustments each day to the point where employees would approach the leadership with solutions instead of questions. Because of these changes, the business has not just survived 2020 but has thrived.

Empowering an entire organization to make decisions changes the game. The person closest to the customer is in the best position to make decisions and if you ignore that and keep decision making at the top it’s not nearly as effective.

The companies that adopt these changes are the ones that are winning.

Cutting Through the Noise

On average, there are 85 interruptions that occur in the workplace each day. Each interruption has a productivity cost associated with, and they occur whether you are working from an office or from home.

Decision making tools can help you understand if an interruption is worth your attention. Your own values can become a filter that helps you simplify your work and focus on what matters most.

The Impact of 2020

2020 became a time of change and introspection. Michael used his time to update his website and write his book. Without knowing how the year was going to end, the forced pause created the time to evaluate Michael’s business that he might not have had time to do otherwise. 

2020 revealed to Michael that he should be focusing on coaching others to become their most authentic selves and uplifting people so they can create a more communicative and empathetic society.

We are starting to see people come down from their triggering emotions and begin to recognize other people as being similar to themselves. In the coming months, we will start to see differentiators not as a problem, but as an opportunity to learn something new. The differences won’t separate and divide, they will advance.

Society advances far quicker when we honor and recognize differences as being beneficial and something that creates better solutions.

There will be a neutral zone where society will experiment and learn, and people will begin to see the benefits of coming together and learning from people that are different from them.

Michael’s Takeaway

The simplest way to find your authentic self is to be still. Sit, meditate, pray, be in nature. Society has historically rewarded people that took action, but that’s not going to hold as we transition into a new paradigm. Talk to your friends and mentors, engage information that you haven’t explored before, and experiment with new things. As you go through the process and take some time to reflect on your experience, you’ll gain some clarity. The key will be to separate yourself from the noise society pushes and find yourself in the silence.








Optimizing America with Jarl Jensen

jarl jensen

Jarl Jensen is an astute “idea guy”, the inventor of many medical devices with issued patents having retail sales of over a billion dollars. Jarl has applied his out of the box thinking to America’s economy in The Wolfe Trilogy series, ‘Optimizing America’, ‘Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil’ and ‘The Big Solution’. 

As an experienced executive of several companies, Jarl Jensen has a track record of success. As an author his ideas can do more than heal the sick, they can change the world. His ambitious ideas give hope to us all.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Jarl Jensen? 

Jarl has had a lot of experience working with ideas since he was a child where he and his father would play the invention game, a game where they would take an object they found and brainstorm better and more useful ideas on how to use it.

Money Has Changed

What we understand as money has changed over the last 40 years. Similar to the transformation in the music and book industry, money is information and not understanding this is preventing us from using it in a digital format for the benefit of society.

Between people, money takes the form of work and it’s our means of trading work. Money is now a database that is controlled by the Federal Reserve but the difference is that money is no longer a piece of paper, it’s the serial number on that piece of paper that corresponds to a database within the Federal Reserve.

Money only being used to serve the banking industry is immensely costly to society. It means we can’t solve problems like global warming or poverty, and why the government is now talking about increasing taxes on business owners.

The burden of a dysfunctional economic system is placed on the wealthy. The successful people in the world have to cover the costs of a dysfunctional society. The issue is the existing system is unable to evolve.

As a society, it’s very detrimental to put banks above people. We need to make sure that people survive, and not place the banking system above human welfare. 

The Future Economy

The changes to the monetary system are relatively simple. Essentially, we need to move the banks out from the center of monetary policy and allow engineers to create systems that serve people first. Engineers know how to control inputs to create desirable outputs.

Once you put people first you can start getting rid of poverty and creating sustainability. Money doesn’t have to be created from debt, as it is done now. There are other methods which allow you to control inflation and avoid the downsides of a debt backed currency.

Simply put, the very first job of money creation is to ensure that every single person has the liberty and means to live. The federal government should never have been put in charge of taking care of people since it’s such an inefficient way of getting things done. We want the economy to take care of people.

Money creation would merely be a system where a certain amount of money would be automatically deposited into each person’s bank account. There would be an additional opportunity to incentivize and reward certain activities like carbon capture.

Engineering is what makes electric cars like Tesla or sending rockets to the moon and land on a platform in the ocean. Right now society is not evolving. We know that hundreds of thousands of people are dying from Covid, but millions of people are dying from poverty.

Sustainability and essential liberty should be the basis for society. The only way you can guarantee an essential liberty is by engineering society and creating an economic system that serves people first. Right now, debt is the only input into society.

The Path Forward

We need everyone to understand the way the monetary system works, which is why Jarl decided to write books that anyone can read. Currently, economics is a fake science based on human behavior. We have to understand that the way society is now is a result of the way that money is created.

The number of jobs is a function of the banking system. If you wanted to increase the numbers of jobs you would increase the amount of money in the average person’s pocket. The amount of work that society needs is infinite, the amount of work that is created in today’s society is based on the needs of the banking system and not the needs of the people. 

The reason that wages have been flat for the last 50 years and the cost of living has gone up is due directly to the policies of the Federal Reserve and the global monetary system.

Jarl Jensen’s Takeaway

If you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you are supporting the currently banking system. We need a new party and a new movement to engineer the economic system. The reason the Third World hasn’t developed in the same way as the rest of the world is due to the banking system and it choking off progress. The first step is to change people’s understanding of how the world works, the second is to understand that the political parties are part of the problem.




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Growing People Grow Businesses With Jay LaGuardia

Dr. Jay LaGuardia has dedicated over 30 years of his life teaching people about the importance of finding balance in their family, fitness and finances so they can empower their dreams, ignite their passions and accelerate prosperity. 

Through his coaching, speaking and writings, he teaches about the importance of adopting the habits and rituals of an empowering mindset, a healthy lifestyle, and belief in something bigger than yourself. He is passionate about sharing the tools and tactics that can unlock our true potential as human beings. 

Dr. Jay is a successful entrepreneur, chiropractor, consultant, speaker, philanthropist, best-selling author of Change Your Mind, Change Your Destiny and host of the PowerPassionProsperity Podcast. However, his greatest accomplishment will always be his amazing family.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Dr. Jay LaGuardia? 

Dr. Jay’s life is a story of overcoming adversity. He grew up in a divorced family and with a lot of anger. This led to him getting in trouble as a teen and almost losing his relationship with his future wife in his 20’s. This close call was what made Dr. Jay realized that he had an anger issue and needed help. He began reading about personal development and learned that thoughts are reality, and if he was steeped in anger all the time it would manifest into his life.

The final step of the journey was when Dr. Jay worked with a coach who revealed his true problems. That conversation showed that everything that Jay had in his life, or didn’t have in his life, was because of his own behavior. This realization was when everything changed.

I Don’t Need Help

Humility and vulnerability are two key essential characteristics of a true leader. The most successful leaders are humble enough to admit that they don’t have all the answers and vulnerable enough to share their weaknesses.

Dr. Jay acted out in anger, but for other people this can take the form of other destructive behaviors like addiction and self-sabotage. For men this is very common and the message of humility and vulnerability is vital for them.


The first step is to realize that we are flawed and have certain areas in our life that we need to grow. A vision that motivates you is important because a compelling vision gives you the leverage to stay committed and overtake whatever obstacles you may encounter.

Triple P Life

The Triple P Life is about empowering dreams, igniting passion, and accelerating prosperity. After retiring at the age of 50 from practicing, Dr. Jay wanted to show other people how to live the Triple P Life and have real balance in their lives. 

There are certain times in our life where we need to commit to growing our family relationships, time on growing our business, and time on our health. Dr. Jay realized that he needed to serve a bigger audience which led him to think about the three anchors that have allowed him to be successful in his life. 


Passion is the cornerstone of success. Dr. Jay believes that most people are not connected to their passion because they are not living consciously. Most people live in the past or thinking about the future. Conscious awareness is about choosing to live in the now and what emotions you want to be present in. When you’re present you’re at your highest authentic self and people are attracted to that.

Being conscious allows you to be present in your thoughts and aware, and that’s when you begin to find your passion.

You won’t find your passion on the couch. Passion is found through living and experience.

Not all passions will lead to a big payday, but they are just as valuable and worthy of your time.

Comfort Zones

Comfort comes as a guest, stays as a host, and ultimately enslaves us. Find something everyday that makes you a little uncomfortable, and the more you do that, the easier it will be to expand your comfort zone.


We are the sum of our habits and our lives reflect that. Dr. Jay’s goal is to live long enough to eliminate all his incongruencies/bad habits. Think about all the behaviors that no longer serve you and replace them with something that’s positive that empowers you.

Your habits determine your destiny. The University of Toronto found that it takes 66 days to create a new habit. It takes work and effort to establish new habits so you have to put in the work to make positive changes in your life. If you don’t like where you are at in life, look at your habits.

Habits are a good example of why a coach is so important and how they can help you identify the behaviors that need to change in order to succeed. 

The current education system teaches people to be employees, not free thinkers. The exciting news is that in 2020 42% of the workforce works for themselves and we’ve seen record numbers of business creation. There is a huge number of people who have realized that they have to teach themselves how to think, and that’s how society moves forward.


We have entered the information age, and that’s making the older traditional model of higher education mostly obsolete. 

Having the voice of dissent being shut down should awaken people to what’s happening in society. Humanity only moves forward when you cherish dissent. Organizations and societies that encourage dissent are the ones that become successful.

Coaching is a form of dissent. It challenges you to look at problems in a new way. A good coach never tells you what to do, they plant the seeds of a solution. 

Dr. Jay LaGuardia’s Takeaway

There are five keys to success and happiness, no matter what you do. Live in service of others, pursue your passions, do what you love and find someone to pay you to do it, learn to love yourself unconditionally, and take care of your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.


FB/IG/Twitter @DrJayLaGuardia



2021 Projections

Find out what 2021 is going to bring to the table and what you can do to put yourself in a position to win over the next year. Learn what trends are going to continue from 2020 and what businesses can do to win more customers and clients over the next year.

Podcast Highlights

Economic Recovery 

Housing is booming and savings are at a 45 year high. The stock market is also achieving new records and those things are often the precursor to a strong economy. 

Small business formulation is going to continue to be strong. We saw one of the best years for new small businesses as people took the opportunity in 2020 to go after their passion. This will continue into 2021 and we’ll see more people starting their own small businesses, especially in the knowledge space.

Winners and Losers

Some businesses and industries will suffer, such as travel and hospitality. On the flipside, there are a number of markets and industries that will thrive in the new economic environment. 


Uncertainty has always been part of life, and that’s not going to change in 2021. 2020 brought a lot of change and with a new administration in the US government, there will be a lot of change and a recipe for an uncertain year going forward.

The ability to deal with uncertainty is the extent to which you will see a lot of success.


We will learn to deal with the virus but it’s going to be with us for most of the year. The vaccine will take time so don’t expect things to go back to normal anytime soon. Businesses and life will adapt and we are going to learn how to deal with Covid effectively in 2021.

The tendency with the pandemic is to freeze. Don’t be afraid. There are opportunities to take advantage of.


There are so many deep rooted issues and so many people invested in maintaining the division that we will not likely see much unity over the next year. We might begin to see some healing in 2021 but it will probably be another year of a very divided country. 

Align your business around healing. We have a chance as business owners to make a positive impact on the world.


2021 is the year where we get better at the virtual lifestyle. 2020 was about adjusting to remote learning and remote work, but in 2021 we’re going to expect more. Customers will expect businesses to get the virtual aspect right from the start and they’ll expect more convenience going forward.

Video conferencing will become more common. It was out of necessity in 2020, it will be out of convenience in 2021. Embrace the new virtual paradigm. Get better at looking at your camera and spend some time on your background. Virtual work is not going anywhere.

Mental Health

People’s mental health suffered greatly in 2020 but it’s been an issue for years. We are going to see a big difference in the workplace now that mental health is coming more to the forefront. People who were fortunate enough to work through the pandemic saw their workloads increase, and those who worked at home saw the lines between work and home blur. Burnout and stress will be a major issue over the next year.

Pay attention to your mental health and to the mental health of those around you. There is a real need within the business world for this kind of expertise.


Compassion has been in the fringes of business for several years now but it will become more prominent in 2021. More businesses will use compassion and empathy as a way to attract new customers and employees. Compassion will become more valued by companies and organizations in the US.

Don’t kill your employees and vendors trying to squeeze everything you can out of them and don’t let them kill you either. Embrace compassion and empathy throughout your business. Help your customers meet their needs and solve their problems.

As a leader, be the example of compassion and empathy that others can look to.



Reflections on 2020


Wade reflects on the year that was, 2020, and the lessons he learned over the course of one of the most challenging years in recent memory. As 2021 rapidly approaches, now is the perfect time to look back and consider the good, the bad, and the profound of all the things that have happened this year and what lessons we can take forward into the future. 

Podcast Highlights


2020 required people to become comfortable with uncertainty, both in our personal lives and in business. You have to be able to embrace the uncertainty and move forward. For those who can’t they are going to continue to struggle in 2021 as the uncertainty isn’t going anywhere.


The world rapidly changed for small businesses in 2020 and the ability to course correct and pivot became incredibly important skills. Many businesses that weren’t able to adapt to the changing environment struggled or disappeared altogether. Agility and adaptability isn’t going to become less important over time and it should be a major focus of your business going into 2021.

Losing a Friend

No matter how hard it is to deal with a struggling business, or difficulties with switching to online learning for your children, there are people who didn’t make it to the end of the year. Things could be worse and we need to take a step back and get perspective on what is the most important in life.


Leaders in a time of crisis need to be a beacon for their followers. 2020 has been a lesson in reverse with the leadership in the highest levels of government generally failing what the people needed. When we look back at the good and bad examples of leadership in 2020 we will see how strong leadership can make a big difference.


2020 was the year of division when it was the year that needed unity the most. All forms of media this year fed and amplified the division all across the country, no matter your political affiliation. People have been forced to one side or the other, where there is no middle ground, and in 2020 we needed unity and the ability to work together more than ever.

Positive Mindset

There was an abundance of negative energy coming from all sources this year. Finding a positive story in the news was a challenge. 2020 reinforced the idea that you need to balance out the information you put into your mind. Positive energy is what gives you the resilience to deal with a crisis like the one we are currently going through and bounce back. History shows that years like 2020 happen from time to time, and we need to be able to confront them with a positive mindset.


We need to find our strength from within. A lot of times we tend to rely on other people or circumstances to give us strength and make us happy. 2020 shows a lot of people how quickly your life circumstances can change, and that we shouldn’t put our happiness, joy, and ability to function on things we can’t control.


We need to be able to stay the course and avoid panicking. There was a lot of temptation to throw everything away in the face of uncertainty and fear and go back to the corporate world, but the people that held fast were the ones that won through. When you know what you want in life and where you’re headed, you’re able to adapt and change the plan without scrapping the whole journey.


2020 was a great opportunity to try new things and do something different. We had the time and the chance to do things we would never have tried before and get outside our comfort zone. This opportunity to stretch allows you to become a more rounded person so you should take it when it’s available.

Compassion and Empathy

2020 has illustrated how important it is to make compassion and empathy the foundation for what you do in life. If that’s where we start, so many of the issues we face each day go away and it’s the biggest lesson coming out of 2020 that needs to be applied across society.

2020 was the perfect opportunity to reflect on the importance of family and friends instead of getting lost in the busyness of life. It’s easy to lose track of family and friends and 2020 was a chance to slow down and strengthen those connections with the people in your life. It has also been a powerful opportunity for introspection and consider who you are and who you want to be.



Quiet Mind, Epic Life With Matthew Ferry

matthew ferry

Matthew Ferry, is a Spiritual Teacher, Songwriter and Best-Selling Author. For the last 26 years, Matthew Ferry has coached thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity™. 

His books, videos, audios, songs, meditations and seminars all utilize his street tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process™. Among his many projects, Ferry manages a blog, hosts the podcast “Daily Enlightenment with Matthew Ferry,” spearheads The Ignite Mastermind, and teaches his unique process via Muscle Testing School. 

Matthew Ferry is also the author of Quiet Mind Epic Life, an Amazon Self Help and Spirituality best-seller in the US, Canada, Australia and Japan. Matthew and his family live in Southern California. 

For more information visit https://matthewferry.com 

Podcast Highlights

Who is Matthew Ferry? 

Matthew’s story begins at the age of 9 years old where he had experiences where he felt like he was floating out of his body and had a sense of peace and joy. He was getting an intuitive hint that the rules we follow are lies, and it wasn’t until Matthew started working for his father who was a personal development guru did he find his way back to the experience of peace.

It was through that process that Matthew began teaching people how to experience more joy, more peace, and more flow, while kicking ass and having a great life. At this point Matthew has been helping people with their development for over 30 years.


Matthew was born an optimist and believes everything will work until he’s proven wrong. 

The personal development industry is disappointing most of the time. Most of the things that people wrote about or taught, they didn’t experiment on themselves or really put in the work to make sure it was a universal principle. Matthew considers himself to be the crash test dummy for his teachings. His book, Quiet Mind, Epic Life, was 15 years of personal experience and experiments in the making.

What’s the difference between Matthew’s approach and other personal development gurus?

Matthew wrote two albums around affirmations and found that affirmations, while useful, actually created resistance in himself and his clients. The affirmations didn’t create the results that were wanted, the changes we want in behaviour ultimately come down to context.

Most people will read a book and may adopt the recommended actions, but the underlying beliefs will still be there. This will lead to some level of failure and eventually moving on to the next thing you believe will fix your situation. You have to correct the imbalance in your thinking first.

Feeling at ease is a contextual framework and has nothing to do with what you’re going to learn. If you don’t solve the underlying illusion of “I’m not okay.” then no amount of training will ever reduce the feeling of “I’m not enough.”

Identify what you think your long term goals will accomplish and then begin to be that now instead of thinking that you need to change yourself to get there. You will never be successful enough to make yourself happy. 

How does kindness improve a business?

Matthew worked with a client that made kindness the lens through which they analyzed their business decisions, instead of just the usual business KPI’s. Instead of making hires just based on a skill set, they started making hires based on the quality of the existence they wanted to have.

Motivation always fades and false urgency only creates stress. 73% of Americans said they experience psychological stress on a regular basis in 2019, that number has only gone up. This is a big problem for leaders.

How do we get to a quiet mind?

Practice total and complete acceptance of every person and situation in your life, including yourself. Our mind is hardwired for survival, and a quiet mind is one that has transcended survival. Realize that you are no longer trying to just survive.

Experience frustration, stress, anger, anxiety and upset all indicate that something is wrong. That’s a contextual framework that ineffectively modifies your behaviour and has you be reactive instead of inspired.

The simple first step to a quiet mind is to admit that your mind is not your friend. Matthew refers to the mind as the drunk monkey, it’s something that is addicted to negativity and only cares about survival. If you can identify the hidden motives that drive the drunk monkey mind you can let them go and embrace a more enlightened perspective.

Recontextualize your situation by describing your life situation in a way that’s empowering. You have agency over your life and can choose not to be diminished by it.

Motivation assumes you don’t want to do a particular action. There is another level that you can ascend to where you are inspired to do something instead. Inspiration leads to deeper states of logic and removes the emotions. If you’re using the carrot and the stick, you are get the worst of people, not the best.

Urgency drives the corporate world, is urgency good?

Urgency is great, as long as you admit that it’s not real. Urgency can actually create a diminished survival state that works against your goal. False urgency is your mind making up a story about the consequences of not meeting your deadline.

Coming at things from the present is how you create the conditions for inspiration so bust the framework of the drunk monkey mind.

A person can achieve this kind of state in 90 days, for an organization it can take longer. The key is to let go of the urgency to make the changes to actually make them happen faster.

What’s your biggest success story?

One of Matthew’s clients was working on a cryptocurrency investment fund that initially struggled for years. He had to keep the client in the moment to keep them engaged and inspired about why they started the business in the first place. Once the pandemic hit the conditions were right and being in the right mindset put them into a position to thrive.

It all starts with the leader. If the leader is not constantly practicing acceptance, appreciation, kindness, honoring people, and acknowledging different perspectives, they will be arrogant and pride filled. 

Matthew’s Takeaway

We don’t really know anything. Everything we know we were told by somebody else or observed through our biased senses. If you take on that perspective you become curious and interested, which is fertile ground for innovation and energy. When you open yourself up to the ideas of other people the opportunities for creativity and collaboration explode.

The world is getting better and it’s going to take the creative rulebreakers to take it to the next level.