Collin Jewett

Why Smart People Fail with Collin Jewett

Collin Jewett talks about accelerated learning and why smart people fail. Learn why genius is contextual and how to build a healthy partnership with your brain so you can accomplish your goals easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

Nicole Coustier

Decide In Advance with Nicole Coustier

Nicole Coustier is on the podcast today to talk about how high achievers can break down barriers to next-level status, using their own talents rather than trying to change who they are and how leaders can be more decisive when things get emotional or confusing.

Transforming Training With ID9 Intelligent Design

Catherine Mattiske, referred to as “the maestro of changing behavior”, is a globally recognized training expert and the inventor of the globally acclaimed instructional design process ID9 Intelligent Design: an inventive, research-based system to create corporate training that delivers results. ID9 Intelligent Design dynamically powers many of the internal training programs for the world’s leading … Read More

Showing Up As The Best Version of Yourself with Jay Thooft

In 2016, Jay founded Performance Excellence & Recovery Consulting (PERC) – a consulting firm dedicated to providing developing athletes the tools necessary to elevate their mental game and perform in the face of stress, pressure, and adversity. Before PERC, Jay spent several years at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs spending hundreds … Read More