How I can help your business move forward

It’s time for a better solution. It’s time for a Heart Based Approach, customized to the needs of your business.

Individual Programs

Are your leaders ready for the next level of development? Through a series of one-hour sessions, we help leaders unlock their potential and maximize performance. Our one-on-one executive coaching program is customizable to the needs and objectives of the individual leader.

Typical focus areas include

  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Building impactful relationships
  • Achieving results – accountability and performance management
  • Time and energy management
  • Change Leadership
  • Execution – delivering results

Group Programs

Want to raise the level of your entire team? During monthly 90 minute meetings, leaders grow from coaching and from the experiences of their peers. Groups consist of 4-8 leaders and work well for cross-functional leadership teams and for functional leaders across different business units.

Group coaching – Need to improve a specific skill? We help leaders develop a specific area of need through a combination of learning materials and one on one coaching designed to teach a skill and then apply it back in the workplace.