Forget Strategic Planning

It can feel like business owners are in a boxing match heading into 2023, fighting against inflation, market volatility and more. The looming recession risks throwing an unexpected punch with every decision we make – planning for the unplannable? Easier said than done!  

So how do you prepare to take on whatever comes your way? How do you develop a strategic plan? 

Honestly there’s not one clear-cut answer; but what I tell my clients is that agility will be key come next year. All we can do now if face our challenges head-on, stay strategic and think outside of the ring (to stick, briefly, to the boxing analogy). 

In the modern business world, the way we plan for success is shifting. The old model of creating a strategic plan and executing it flawlessly is increasingly being replaced by a focus on becoming nimble and flexible.  

This means that it’s no longer enough to have a long-term strategy in place – instead, organizations must now be ready to rapidly change their plans and react quickly to changing conditions in order to remain competitive.  

Think about this as being a surfer on a wave. Being able to stay on the wave is not something that can be planned for. A good surfer must be able to adapt to changing conditions. 

In organization terms, this is cultivating an atmosphere of agility and responsiveness. Every business should know that they may need to pivot quickly if they wish to stay relevant and successful.  

This means being willing and able to adjust products or services based on customer feedback and market changes. Being open-minded and responsive will ensure that your organization can take full advantage of any new opportunities that arise.  

It’s also crucial for businesses to have strong systems in place for listening to the market so they can make informed decisions quickly.  

Spend time with your target customers. Ask questions. Know what they are thinking.  These inputs can prove invaluable when making strategic decisions about how best to respond rapidly to changing conditions or emerging opportunities.  

Ultimately, the future of successful strategic planning lies in becoming agile and flexible; being able to adjust plans as quickly as possible in response to changing conditions or customer needs will determine who succeeds in the competitive environment of today’s business world. Those who embrace agility will thrive – those who don’t will fall behind. 

Don’t fall behind. 



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