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Preventing Work From Home Burnout

In my coaching and consulting business, I hear leaders ask all the time how they can make sure that people are being productive while they’re at home. I especially hear this from those that work in a hybrid office, that is an office where some people work in the office and some people work from … Read More

How to Give Tough Feedback

Giving feedback is an important part of any leader’s job. It’s also one of the most difficult things for a leader to bring themselves to do, especially when the feedback is critical. There are different reasons for this discomfort. Many leaders worry about whether someone’s going to be angry, or somebody’s going to cry. Or … Read More

How can I make sure my employees are really working from home?

This is one of the most common questions that I get in my coaching consulting practice. How can I make sure my employees are really working from home? How do I know they aren’t messing with their children or doing laundry or cleaning out the refrigerator? My answer is usually something along the lines of … Read More

Span of Control

A hot topic that comes up a lot in my coaching and consulting work and an area where I do a lot of work with organizations, is span of control.  How many direct reports should I have? What is Span of Control? Span of Control refers to the number of direct reports that you have … Read More

Key to Innovation in the Workplace

Today’s topic is innovation. Innovation can mean breakthroughs, disruptions, or it can be as simple as basic everyday process innovations. Whatever the type of innovation, one thing is for sure…. the ability of a business to continue moving forward advance its capabilities is a key component of success for that business. Is your organization an … Read More

Show Your People the Love

Today’s blog post is a special Valentine’s week edition. In honor of that, today I’m going to talk about love in the workplace. Now, wait! This is not what you’re thinking. There’s no need to go running to human resources just yet….. What I’m really talking about is showing your employees love. We spend so … Read More

Developing High Potentials

Today’s topic is how to grow your high potentials. This is an area that I am excited about, because it has such an impact on a business, not only in the future, but also right now. Having been a high potential for much of my career, and having reached a top spot in my profession, … Read More

Out of the Box Leadership Development

I have spent more than 25 years working on leadership development (I know this comes as a shock since I look so young….but there you have it). I have learned that there are so many different ways to go about this and none of these ways is right or wrong. It all just depends upon … Read More