How to Develop Self-Control and Achieve Your Goals Faster

Tracy Pleschourt is the Founder of Self-Made U, a school that ends unnecessary suffering by teaching people self-control. In today’s episode, Wade and Tracy discuss the most important step to changing your life, ways to define your pursuit of happiness, and the Self-Control Operating System – a simple framework to achieve goals and solve problems fast.

Who is Tracy Pleschourt?

Tracy Pleschourt is the Founder of Self-Made U, a school that ends unnecessary suffering by teaching people self-control. Through an exhausting and inefficient pursuit to solve her own problems sustainably, she developed a system that was easy to follow and applicable under any circumstance. Today, Tracy dedicates her work to ambitious, lifelong learners yearning for answers and seeking a better way to create the results they desire and deserve.

The Self-Control Operating System

Do you have complete control over your life? Do you know where it is that you’re feeling out of control? Self-control is the one skill you need to achieve your life goals. The good news is that it’s a skill, meaning it’s something you can work on and improve on. Tracy Pleschourt has a fantastic system she calls the Self-Control Operating System (S-E-L-F). It’s a new way of running your life and looks completely different from how you operate it right now.

  • S – Self-coaching. This involves asking yourself the right questions, pausing, and slowing down in the moment. Our brains can sabotage our self-control using fear-based narratives that cause unnecessary suffering. So you need a system that helps you develop the ability to bring mindful attention to the beliefs, thoughts, habits, and stories that govern your life.
  • E – Eliminating Obstacles. These are the obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving your dreams. Anything that gets in the way of you getting the results that you want has to go. 
  • L – Leveraging your prodigy brain strengths. The left side of your brain is your primitive brain; it’s meant to keep you alive and works on autopilot. The right side of your brain is your prodigy brain and allows you to make decisions. You need to control this part of your brain; otherwise, you’ll contend with unwanted thoughts that can cause frustration and distress.
  • F – Forging intentional results. These are best practices. For example, if you’d like to lose weight, there are best practices based on what you’re trying to accomplish. When you focus on forging intentional results, you focus on what can help you get there. You focus only on what is important and leave out all unnecessary tasks.

The First Step to Change

According to Tracy Pleschourt, the first step to change is awareness. It’s really about understanding how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. Asking yourself questions is super important because most of us operate without ever slowing down to recognize how we’re feeling and why we give credit to the circumstances. A person might feel like crap and blame it on Monday blues. Another might feel overwhelmed and blame it on their ever-growing to-do list. We give credit to circumstances and never take responsibility for how we feel. 

A simple act of scheduling time to sit in your thoughts and ask the right questions can increase the amount of control you have in your life. Remember, your thoughts cannot kill you, so there’s no point avoiding them.

What is The Pursuit of Happiness?

We all have different ways of defining happiness. For some, happiness is getting your dream job or car, while others strive for fulfilling relationships with family and friends. Although there is no one true way to happiness, simplifying your pursuit makes it easier to chase the things that add joy to your life.

If you are to live a happy and fulfilled life, Tracy believes you have to ask yourself why and how you define happiness. Focus on the little moments that light up your day, not the big events that occur in your life. If you focus more on the big events, you’re missing out on much of what’s in between. And that’s the fastest route to misery and frustration.


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