Mindset Mastery with Samreen Mongilo

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Dr. Samreen Mongillo holds her doctorate in physical therapy and is a success and life coach. She is the founder of www.coachingbysamreen.com

She teaches people how to own their power, develop a strong mindset, remedy burnout, and make use of seven tools that promote a healthier lifestyle and greater life balance.

Her true passion is all about coaching people to believe in their self-worth, to be their most confident version, connect to their highest potential, and help them live their best life.

As a physical therapist for over a decade, she has observed the strong correlation between the mind and body. When her physical therapy patients focus on pain, they experience more pain. When they focus on healing, they experience more healing. Now she applies this knowledge with her life coaching clients as well.

Guiding people to think about positive outcomes almost always delivers positive results — it’s the very essence of the law of attraction. You cannot separate mind and body.

Podcast Highlights

Who is Samreen Mongilo? 

Samreen’s experiences and journey began with mentors showing her the way. She started out as a physical therapist, and that’s where she noticed the important link between focusing on positive outcomes and her patient’s long-term success and healing.

We can achieve what we want if we can tap into our own inner power. 

Addressing Negative Beliefs

A lot of our beliefs are cultivated in childhood and many of them are inherited from other people. When we’re young, we don’t necessarily have the wisdom and strength to question those beliefs and we take them as truths. Those beliefs get carried into adulthood and become our reality.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, which become your emotions and your actions, and those create the results in your life. You have to identify and question your limiting beliefs in order to move past them.

Samreen teaches her clients seven steps to tap into their true potential, the first step is in looking at your mindset and uncovering the limiting beliefs. From there you need to look at your life goals and the physical barriers you are creating in your life, looking for areas of joy in your life, and developing the habits that create a mindset of success.

People take their mindset for granted, largely because it’s so simple. Like the Law of Attraction, if we focus on something positive, we will get a positive result. If we focus on something negative, we get a negative result. Most people run on autopilot and aren’t even aware of the negative self-talk that permeates their thoughts.

In order to become more aware, you need to pay attention to how you feel, physically and emotionally. When we’re in fear, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and our heart rate goes up, your muscles tense up, and your breathing gets shallow. If you find yourself feeling that way, being aware of that and slowing down with deep breaths can turn it around.

Creating Positive Habits

You have to want to make a positive change in your life to create a positive habit. If you’re not ready for change, it’s not going to stick. It takes around 66 days to forge a new habit and the first two weeks are crucial. Discipline and consistency are the key to getting through the most difficult early days and creating a habit that you can sustain.

Accountability helps, especially at the beginning. The repetition is what creates the habit.

Setting unrealistic goals is the biggest mistake that people make when trying to change their life. Setting a goal that’s too big or too soon can be discouraging. An important idea is to avoid beating yourself up when you fail, and instead just getting back up and getting back to working towards your goal.

If you’re in a cycle of stress, focus on your breath. This brings you into the present moment where you can become calm and recenter your mindset.  

Own Your Power

Samreen’s new book focuses on a system to create a successful mindset, manage stress, and establish a mind/body balance. It covers her seven step system for replacing limiting beliefs with more empowering beliefs and how to tap into our own innate power.

Life is challenging, but no matter what happens we should always be in our center of strength. Our power comes from how we respond to what happens in life. One of the most powerful things you can do is to choose your own attitude no matter what situation you find yourself in.


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