The Power of Masterminds in an Increasingly Online World

If you’ve ever worked with a group in any workplace, you may have come away with the opinion that group work is more trouble than it’s worth. Conversations veer off-topic, people work at different paces, and syncing up schedules can be a chore. 


But the truth is, working with the right group can give you creative breakthroughs you might never have had on your own. And when you’re running a business, especially alone, it’s crucial to find the support you need for brainstorming, problem-solving, and more. Mastermind groups open a world of collaboration and shared insights within a supportive environment—and in the age of physical distancing, you might find that it’s the power of that collaboration that keeps you going. Here are a few reasons to consider joining a mastermind group your next business investment.


Sense of community


Entrepreneurs who start a small business can be surprised to find how lonely and isolating it can feel when you don’t have the right crowd to support you. Worse, finding opportunities for business networking and group brainstorming has never been easy, even before coronavirus came on the scene. In an age where physical distancing is the new norm, it’s more important than ever to surround yourself with people who can help you reach your goals—and that’s where mastermind groups come in. These groups foster a sense of community between like-minded members, allowing participants to share experience and connections and to support each other as needed. The solid relationships and ongoing help quickly give you the sense that you aren’t alone, and you’ll be supported as you move forward.


Shared vision


Most of us are at our best when we feel we’re working together toward a shared goal. And although each member of a mastermind group is working toward personal goals around their own organization, everyone’s objective is to move forward—meaning that every win can be celebrated together as a sign of the community’s success. Whether members are investing in education, improving business skills, or adjusting their finances, each person achieves more through the group’s collaboration, support, and shared sense of purpose, making it a great way to find your own success.


Regular connections


In a mastermind group, online meetings occur on an ongoing basis. The overall goal is to create a safe space for members to discuss the pressing issues of their business and the tactics and techniques they’re using, as well as to provide opportunities for education, collaboration, and business networking. These ongoing meetings also offer the extra advantage of helping members stay connected with like-minded business owners, fostering long-term relationships with your peers. 

Finding empowerment through peer support is more important now than ever before. With these advantages (and many more), a mastermind group may be one of the most important business moves you make.