Flip the Hustle

Known for her vibrant energy and creativity, Daniella Platt is known as a brand strategist and apparel industry expert who specializes in working with purpose driven brands and entrepreneurs on marketing, and how to have an apparel line. She also coaches creatives to authentically open up the door to sales success in her Ten Commandments Rockstar system. 

In fact, she wrote the #1 best-selling book on it, Looking Good to guide people to achieve. 

Podcast Highlights

Who is Daniella Platt? 

Daniella is from a small town in Long Island where she never really fit in but was also known as a connector and creative person. She followed her passion and ended up in New York and LA working in advertising agencies. She has two decades in the business and crafted hundreds of campaigns at this point. She now works with heart centered entrepreneurs take their heart and their art into the world.

She helps entrepreneurs by providing communications and brand strategy, as well as sales coaching. Her best selling book was the result of having a number of people repeatedly ask her the same questions about how to open the door and be in communications with people to establish their fashion lines.

Stop Playing Small

We live in an environment where we need to bust through fear and turn it into focus. You can be anything you want to be, don’t let fear hold you back. You just need to harness your energy and let go of your limiting beliefs.

We are going to remember this time as the age of the screen. We experience so much of our lives through the screen of a computer now which makes the space above your keyboard prime real estate. Getting dressed is the beginning of the energy you put out into the world and affects how you appear to yourself and others. It’s about doing the best you can and thrive in the space that you have. There is more emphasis on the top half of your body than ever before.

Promotional branded apparel is a great way to build community, build unity, stay connected, and stay empowered. 

Zoom Life

For 64 million people who are now working at home the weekend doesn’t have the same significance. Changing your apparel depending on what you are doing is one way of maintaining some normalcy. It also helps the lines from blurring between your work life and your social life.

We are about to see a major revolution as people start to really understand how to communicate online.

Flip the Hustle

If you want an opportunity you have to do what it takes to stand out. But before you can get to that point you have to learn the art of unselling. The traditional idea of hustling needs to be adjusted now that the world is so different, but the basic principles are still the same.

Think of it like sales yoga. Take a deep breath and connect with your community, then ask them simple heartfelt questions. These questions can tell you a lot of how someone likes to communicate.

When you’re in a Zoom chat with people you don’t know, take a moment to find them online and let them know that you were glad to meet and connect them. Now, more than ever, you have a chance to connect with more people than ever. There are a lot of positives to our more virtual world, we just have to be open to them.

We need to focus on the present and where we are at now. People still want what you are creating so continue to show up on social media and keep creating but do something that will serve people in the way they need it now.

The most critical thing during this time is discipline to keep your momentum. Stick with your plan and ride it out. You are in this for the long haul and continuously grow. Know your why so you can keep executing at a level of simplicity.

Daniella’s Takeaway

Any creative that is just starting out, find a community and find your tribe. Access every resource you can and find people that have done it that can mentor you. Just start and go for it. People are paying attention right now, you just need to get in front of them.